Welcome to Sedgwick County Health Center! 

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Julesburg, CO 80737

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  Housed on our campus is the Sedgwick County Memorial Hospital, The Sedgwick County Nursing Home and the Jacob J. and Ann B. Memorial Living Center. The Sedgwick County Memorial Hospital is licensed by the State of Colorado as a 15 bed Critical Access Hospital. Critical Access designation was achieved effective April 1, 2001. With a service area of approximately 4,000 people, Sedgwick County Memorial Hospital offers general acute care services including: Obstetrics, General medicine, Surgery, Scopes, Emergency medicine, Physical and Occupational therapy, Pediatrics, and Cardiopulmonary services. A variety of on-site diagnostic services are available including: Hematology, Clinical  Chemistry, Immuno-Hematology, Diagnostic Radiology, EKG services, Ultrasound, Treadmills, Permanent on-site CT, mobile MRI scans, and Holter monitoring. The hospital also offers a Fitness Center which is open to the public with affordable memberships. 


We are now able to offer scopes, outpatient procedures and in-house clinic appointments per State guidelines!  Call us today to schedule! (970) 474-3323 

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     Building upon our community oriented heritage and tradition, the Mission of Sedgwick County Health Center is to provide a broad continuum of high quality health and resident care services to the people of northeast Colorado and the surrounding Nebraska area. 


The Values of Sedgwick County Health Center include: 

*The recognition that our employees, medical staff and volunteers are our most precious resource. 

*The responsibility to offer high quality health and resident care services.

*The duty to respect the identity and individual needs of our customers. 

*The charge to provide for the needs of our customers, internal and external.

*The obligation to operate in a moral, ethical and regulatory compliant manner. 

*The commitment to govern the Health Center in a financially responsible manner. 


     Striving to fulfill our Mission by assuring our long-term viability, the Vision of Sedgwick County Health Cnter is to constantly examine (modify, add and/or delete) the scope of services to effectively serve our patients and residents.