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In the heart of a sprawling countryside, where rolling hills meet open skies and the pace of life flows like a tranquil river, an opportunity awaits that is as unique as it is rewarding. Imagine a place where healthcare transcends the confines of city lights, where your skills can make an indelible impact on an entire community. This is the allure of rural healthcare – a calling that beckons those with a pioneering spirit and a deep-seated commitment to healing.


In these tranquil landscapes, where the air is crisp and the stars twinkle undisturbed by urban glare, healthcare takes on a special significance. Every patient who walks through your door isn't just a number; they're a neighbor, a friend, an essential thread in the fabric of a tight-knit community. Your care isn't limited to the confines of the clinic; it extends to the local grocery store, the school playground, and the bustling farmer's market. You become an integral part of the lives you touch, fostering a sense of trust and belonging that can only flourish in a close community.


Rural healthcare brings forth challenges that demand ingenuity and adaptability. With limited resources, you'll find yourself mastering the art of innovation, finding creative solutions to make the most of what you have. This environment hones your skills, transforming you into a versatile healthcare provider capable of addressing a wide array of medical scenarios. The sheer breadth of experiences you'll encounter – from primary care to emergency interventions – will be a masterclass in medical practice, enriching your professional journey in ways you might never have imagined.


As you immerse yourself in the rhythms of rural life, you'll rediscover the essence of medicine as it was meant to be – patient-focused, personalized, and compassionate. Time slows down, allowing you to truly listen to your patients, understand their lives, and tailor your care to their unique circumstances. The bond you forge goes beyond the clinical setting, as you become a confidant, a guide, and a pillar of support in both health and adversity.


The landscapes may be wide, but the impact you make is even broader. Your presence ripples across the community, inspiring others to take charge of their health and well-being. Health education programs, preventive initiatives, and wellness campaigns become more than just tasks; they become beacons of hope that illuminate the path to a healthier future for all.


And amidst it all, you'll find your own fulfillment. The joy of rural healthcare lies not just in the lives you touch, but in the profound transformation it imparts upon you. The humility you gain, the connections you forge, and the knowledge you acquire will shape you into a healthcare provider whose worth is measured not just by medical expertise, but by the lives you transform.


So, if you're seeking a journey beyond the ordinary, a life where healthcare becomes a symphony of healing and connection, consider the rustic beauty of rural healthcare. Here, the landscape is as vast as your potential, and the rewards are as boundless as the horizons that stretch before you. Embrace the calling, and become the beacon of health and hope that these communities so deeply crave. -Aidan Hettler, C.E.O., Sedgwick County Health Center







$5.00 HR



working in acute care

*Half with first check and half after 90 days with a one year commitment.

We invite you to contact one of our Directors of Nursing for more information and to discuss career opportunities:

 Billie Carlson, RN - 970-463-6160 or email:

Machelle Newth, RN - 970-463-6169 or email:


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Sedgwick County Nursing Home

This 32 bed county-owned long term care facility built in 1962 strives to provide quality health care services in a safe, caring environment. There are 12 private and 10 semi-private rooms in this intermediate care nursing home. Creative professionals take a personal interest in helping each resident function at their highest level of independence.

(970) 463-6232 NURSES STATION

Jacob J. & Ann B. Memorial Assisted Living Center

History:                               The Jacob J. and Anne B. Walter Memorial Living Center’s initial plan in 1997 included the common areas and 10 units with the intention that an additional 10 units be built in the next two or three years. A local farmer, Jacob Walter, donated over $480,000, which allowed all 20 units to be constructed as part of the initial project. In recognition of the Mr. Walter’s generous gift that was in memory of his late wife, Anne, the Board of Trustees named the facility the Jacob J. and Anne B. Walter Memorial Living Center. Mr. Walter passed away in 1999, but was able to see the project completed.

(970) 463-6260

Sedgwick County Memorial Hospital

Sedgwick County Memorial Hospital is licensed by the State of Colorado as a 15 bed Critical Access Hospital. Critical Access designation was achieved effective April 1, 2001. With a service area of approximately 4,000 people, Sedgwick County Memorial Hospital offers general acute care services including: General medicine, Surgery, Scopes, Emergency medicine, Physical and Occupational therapy, Pediatrics, and Cardiopulmonary services. A variety of on-site diagnostic services are available including: Hematology, Clinical  Chemistry, Immunohematology, Diagnostic Radiology, EKG services, Ultrasound, Treadmills, Permanent on-site CT, mobile MRI scans, and Holter monitoring. The hospital also offers a Fitness Center which is open to the public with affordable memberships.

(970) 474-3323 

The History of Sedgwick County Health Center



Medical care was first provided to Sedgwick County by physicians who treated patient/residents and performed surgery in the physician’s homes.  In the early 1900's, the community was served by many itinerant physicians.  Offices were located in stores, hotels or their homes.  A “pest house,” located on 10th Street between Ash and Vine, served as a place to quarantine infectious persons.


Not until 1921 were efforts made to establish a community hospital.  The first community hospital, staffed by five doctors, was located in a 14-room house at 600 West 5th Street.  A four-bed emergency hospital, located on the second floor of 101 Cedar Street, began in 1927.  A maternity home, located four miles south of Julesburg, operated in the 1930's.


In 1932, due to an increase in surgical work and medical treatment, the residence at 301 East 4th Street became a fully equipped hospital.  Initially, the hospital had room for six beds as well as the reception and operating rooms.  As the need arose, the manager’s apartment was converted into patient/resident rooms, increasing the capacity to 12 beds.  The kitchen pantry was used as the nursery with babies being placed in baskets on the shelves.  About 1940, a maternity home was located at 422 East 5th Street. 


In the late 1940's a petition was presented to the newly formed Hospital Board of Trustees requesting a public hospital be established in Julesburg and that an annual tax be levied for maintenance and operations.  Citizens of the Sedgwick County region raised $105,000 to match a construction loan from government Hill-Burton Funds and the dedication ceremonies for the new hospital were held on November 19, 1950.  The new facility boasted six double rooms, six single rooms, a six-bassinet nursery, up-to-date operating rooms, and a laboratory.  Room charges were only $10 per day!


A civil defense “disaster room” with emergency medical equipment and supplies was established in the basement of the hospital in 1954.  For several years, the hospital kept busy with 40-70 admissions per month and five doctors on staff.


A new $60,000 wing was added to the hospital in 1958 consisting of six rooms and a solarium.  A year later, Sedgwick County residents saw the need for a nursing home and responded with financial help.  In November, 1962, a new $400,000 32-bed nursing home was dedicated.


As the need for repair and maintenance of the hospital became apparent, community clubs and individuals volunteered their time and money in giving a much-needed facelift.  Out of this renewed interest, the 2-H Club (Hospital Helpers) was formed.  The fund-raising efforts of the club enabled purchases of needed emergency and medical equipment.  The employees of the hospital and nursing home  put together a cookbook to sell as a fund-raising project.




Throughout the 1970's memorial funds from concerned individuals/organizations were used to purchase medical equipment.  A physician recruitment committee worked diligently to recruit physicians.  In the fall of 1980, Valley Medical Clinic, designed to provide offices and treatment rooms for three full-time physicians, was completed on the hospital campus. 


In 1992, Gateway Medical Foundation was created and continues to be active in fund-raising activities.  The foundation supports all aspects of medical care in our community, including the hospital, clinic, nursing home, and living center.


In the fall of 1996, the citizens of Sedgwick County approved a 1% sales tax increase.  The proceeds of this sales tax funded extensive renovations in the hospital and nursing home and construction of the Jacob J. and Anne B. Walter Memorial Living Center.  The Living Center opened in July, 1998 and was named after Jake and Anne Walter, who made a very generous donation toward the construction costs.  Four residents moved in on opening day and the building was completely occupied by December 1998.


Valley Medical Clinic became a part of the Health Center in March, 1997.   The Clinic is certified as a Rural Health Clinic and has locations in Julesburg and Big Springs, NE. 


The name, Sedgwick County Health Center, was adopted in 1998 to reflect the diverse nature of the organization.  No longer just a hospital or nursing home, the Health Center now provides a broad continuum of health and resident care services to the residents of northeast Colorado and the Nebraska panhandle.


In 2005 an eight thousand square foot addition was added to the hospital, connecting the hospital and the clinic.  It included an expanded emergency area with four rooms, business office and medical records, board room, clinic/hospital reception area, specialty clinic rooms and expanded physical therapy area.  Other renovations to the existing building include a new OB area with two rooms, expanded surgical suite, expanded radiology and laboratory areas, and minor updates to patient rooms and hospital nurses’ station. 


The history of the Health Center dates back to the beginning of Sedgwick County.   With the continued commitment of our community, staff, and physicians, our history is sure to continue well into the future.


Written by Doris Heath, R N   (Revised 2005; Reviewed 2017)


The Sedgwick County Health Center Provider Team

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Dr. Donald Regier


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Angie Robb



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Lisa Regier



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Tawney Rueter



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Dr. Craig Erickson


The Valley Medical Clinic Julesburg CO:


  • Monday -Friday 7:30-5:00

The Valley Medical Clinic Big Springs, NE 


  • Monday 9:00-3:00

  • Thursday 9:00-3:00

  • Friday - 9:00-Noon

The Valley Medical Clinic of Chappell, NE

758 2nd Street

Chappell, NE

Opening January 2024

To access your patient information, please click on either tab which will take you to your patient portal.

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*Opening in January 2024
The Valley Medical Clinic of Chappell, NE


Your Care is our Priority!

The Valley Medical Clinic of Julesburg, CO has been in Sedgwick County since 1997. We are Family practice facility and qualified Rural Health Center. Valley Medical Clinic has a medical staff consisting of three full-time physicians, one part-time certified physician assistant, and two full-time certified nurse practitioners. Dr. Davis, general surgeon, visits our clinic to help the people of this community from having to travel to the front range. We are also a training site for physicians in family practice residency programs.

​ We are located at 900 Cedar Street at the south entrance of the facility. Our hours of operation are 8 am to 5 pm. To make an appointment call us at: 


The Valley Medical Clinic Big Springs, NE  Our satellite clinic is located at 100 West 3rd Street. We are Family practice facility and qualified Rural Health Center.
The Big Springs Clinic has a medical Staff consisting of 1 part-time Medical Doctor and 1 part-time Physician Assistant.
Our hours of operation are Monday's 9:00-3:00, Thursday and Friday 9:00 - Noon. To make an appointment call 308-889-3376. Walk-In's welcome for Blood Pressure checks and Flu Vaccines! 
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900 Cedar Street Julesburg, CO  80737
970-474-3323  Fax: 970-474-2758


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