The Jacob J. and Anne B. Walter Memorial Living Center’s initial plan in 1997 included the common areas and 10 units with the intention that an additional 10 units be built in the next two or three years. A local farmer, Jacob Walter, donated over $480,000, which allowed all 20 units to be constructed as part of the initial project. In recognition of the Mr. Walter’s generous gift that was in memory of his late wife, Anne, the Board of Trustees named the facility the Jacob J. and Anne B. Walter Memorial Living Center. Mr. Walter passed away in 1999, but was able to see the project completed.

Why should I consider assisted Living?

  • Assistance with medications

  • Nutritional Care

  • Safety

  • Isolation vs. Socialization

  • Every day daily tasks become too much to       handle

How Do I Choose An Assisted Living?

  • Consider location

  • Size

  • Needs that can be met

  • Services Provided

  • Talk to residents of the facility

So, I’ve decided to go to an Assisted Living Center.
Now what…?

  • Review this information; makes sure this is what you want, what you are looking for and that you meet all qualifications.

  • Call with any questions or concerns you may have.

  • Review and fill out the reservation agreement.

  • $500 deposit to have your name put on the waiting list

  • And then before admission, a home assessment / evaluation will take place to assure that you meet all qualifications.

  • Download the Registration Form​