Requirements of Residency
As set by the Colorado State Regulations

It is the policy of the Living Center that only those persons whose physical, social and emotional needs can be met by the facility’s staff shall be accepted as residents. The manager, prior to admission, will conduct a one on one assessment with the potential resident. The assessment will help determine the level of skill that either can or cannot be provided by the staff at the Living Center. The Living Center will not admit, and must discharge within thirty (30) days, any resident who:

  1. Needs skilled services on more than an intermittent basis. If skilled services are provided on an intermittent basis they much be provided by a skilled provider;

  2. Is consistently, uncontrollable incontinent of bowel or bladder, and incontinence cannot be managed by resident;

  3. Is unable or unwilling to meet their own personal hygiene needs under supervision;

  4. Has an acute physical illness which cannot be managed through medications or prescribed therapy;

  5. Has a substance abuse problem, unless the substance abuse is no longer acute and a physician determines it to be manageable;

  6. Has ambulating limitations, unless compensated for by devices such as walker, cane, or wheelchair;

  7. Is unable to transfer independently from wheelchair;

  8. Has a reportable communicable or infectious disease, unless the transmission of the disease can be managed through the use of universal precautions and appropriate medical and or drug treatment;

  9. Is consistently disoriented to time, person, and place to such a degree he/ she poses a danger to self or others.

  10. Has a seizure disorder which is not adequately controlled by medications;

  11. Requires tray food services on a continuous basis;

  12. Exhibits behavior which poses a physical threat to others residents, including violent and disruptive behavior;

  13. Is consistently unwilling to take medication as prescribed by physician;

  14. Is a person whose physical safety cannot be assured in the Living Center;

  15. Needs restraints.

Guidelines based on Colorado Department of Health Care Policy & Financing Staff Manual Vol. 8, Revision VIII-94-4


I can't afford that!- What now?

The Living Center is a Medicaid certified facility. Referrals would be made to Human Services to enroll one in the Medicaid program.

What Happens When I need More Assistance?

If the resident’s condition changes so that services required are not available at the Living Center, the resident and their family / guardian will be notified in writing that discharge / transfer is required within 30 days. Most times a smooth transition to the Nursing Home occurs.


Can I bring my car?

            YES! A parking lot is provided at the entrance of the facility.

Can I have guest’s visit / stay / eat?

YES! Guest / Family / Friends are welcome to stay with residents in their apartments. They are also always welcome to join for meals, activities and any other function.

Can I leave for 2 weeks?

            YES! We have a bed hold policy for a resident that extends for three months.

Can I have a pet?

No- pets can visit a resident but pets are not allowed to be owned by residents in the facility.

Okay, I’m ready to Move In!!!  

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For more information, questions, or to put your name on the waiting list please contact: Lynne Kizer– Director (970) 463-6259