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Amy Dam
Occupational Therapist

Occupation Therapy is a holistic approach to assisting individuals to return to activities of daily living and activities of leisure.  Amy Dam, Doctor of Occupational Therapy assists individuals into returning to living life to its fullest by utilizing habilitative and rehabilitative processes in a unique approach.  OT focuses on improving function, modifying activity through adaptive equipment if return to function is not capable or appropriate, training and education with the patient, family, and caregiver while focusing on safety in order to allow each individual to maximize their quality of life by assisting the return to participation in meaningful activities.

Common OT treatment includes:

  • Elbow and shoulder injuries

  • Hand Therapy

  • Arthritis

  • Visual Perceptual Deficits

  • Fine Motor Coordination Deficits

  • Gross Motor Coordination Deficits

  • Generalized Weakness

  • Visual Perceptual Deficits

  • Balance and Vestibular Deficits

  • Cognitive Deficits

  • Work Related Injuries

  • Home Safety Assessment

  • CVA (Strokes)

  • TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury)

  • MVA (Motor Vehicle Accident)

  • Hip Replacements, Knee Replacements

  • Status Post Cardiac Issues

  • Status Post Back Surgeries


Sedgwick County Health Center OT Department provides care at the hospital, nursing home, and outpatient clinic.  For any questions regarding OT appointments or needs please contact us at 970-463-6189.

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