Sedgwick County Memorial Hospital

     Sedgwick County Memorial Hospital is licensed by the State of Colorado as a 15 bed Critical Access Hospital. Critical Access designation was achieved effective April 1, 2001. With a service area of approximately 4,000 people Sedgwick County Memorial Hospital offers general acute care services including obstetrics, general medicine, surgery, emergency medicine, physical therapy, respiratory care, a special care unit, pediatrics, and cardiopulmonary services. A variety of on-site diagnostic services are available including: hematology, clinical chemistry, immunohematology, diagnostic radiology, EKG services, mammography, ultrasound, treadmills, permanent on site CT, mobile MRI scans, and Holter monitoring. The hospital also offers a Fitness Center.​

      The Hospital is located in the west wing of the facility and the Emergency Entrance is located at the North East door of the building. The hours are from 7:30 am to 5 pm Monday through Friday. For appointments call 970-474-3323.