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Happy staff members make a happy workplace!

To all those who provide care and assistance to Sedgwick County Nursing Home residents:

The COVID-19 isolation has been very hard on our residents. I am grateful that the administration of this Sedgwick County Facility had been very strict in rules and regulations so there wasn’t an epidemic throughout the facility to overcome this very vulnerable population needing twenty-four-hour care.

I continue to trust the reliable care and attention residents get day to day by the Nursing Home team of dietary, maintenance, CNA, PT, Nurses, Doctors and others. A big thank you to all of those people. Sincerely Anita J. Nein

Sedgwick Co NH is a wonderful place to be. Staff are caring and knowledgeable. The environment is calm and considerate. The rural setting promotes a sense of community and family values.  Every day you are greeted enthusiastically and every night you are given a positive fair well.  The pace of the activities is lively while still allowing for leisure time. Doctors are a few steps away at the local clinic/hospital, which means concerns are addressed timely and treatments are expertly implemented. Staff and residents are treated like family. Coming here is like coming home, while also knowing that the care needs of each resident are a clear priority.    Kelsey Keady LPN, Stat Staffing

This has been a very difficult year for nursing home residents and the families who love them.  SCNH has gone over and above to accommodate the needs of both.  While I don't agree with many of the guidelines the facility is forced to operate under, the staff has made it clear that they are only looking out for the resident’s best interest.  And while I am limited in the scope of in-person visiting, I know with my whole heart that my mom is receiving high quality care steeped in love and compassion.  Thank you to all the staff at SCNH!   Jeanna Johnson - Family

I would like to thank the staff at SCNH..  They were so wonderful during the 15 years my daughter was living there.  She had the best care possible from everyone..The staff took care of all her needs above and beyond their duties..  She was loved.  I was informed of any medicine changes and when she wasn't feeling good.  They kept me informed of her condition.  She became family to all and will be missed.  I was told by a staff member that the halls are to quiet now.  I have heard many times about things that have happened and some of the things she did.  She was so blessed to be living at SCNH.  Thank you all for everything you did for her.

Hildy Christie

I work here because the residents are a second family to me and they have a special place in my heart. Also, my co-workers are awesome team players and care so much for the residents.  Liz Green CNA

I have been a part of the SCNH team for over 40 years.  I have seen many changes throughout those years, but the one thing that never seems to change is the love, concern and care of the residents from the staff.  We are blessed to live in a small community where our residents are our friends, neighbors, church family, people we have worked with, and yes even our own family members (my mother resides here).    I enjoy my work here, because of the residents, I love to hear about their family and their lives before coming into the NH.   I love taking care of them as if they were my own grandparents or parents.  This experience has been a blessing for me, they have taught me so much about caring, laughter, and patience.  I always think of it this way…..This is my future, so I care for our residents like I want to be cared for when I will need this care, and I pray to have a home like the SCNH in my time of need.       Cindy Julius LPN, Medical Records

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